Elo’s CEO Craig Witsoe spoke with CNN about the latest trends in retail

The combination of a large touchscreen and a helpful sales associate has proven effective in retail environments. Adding interactive digital signage in store allows retailers to utilize the investment they are making into their online presence while allowing for increased flexibility to the customer experience.

With more and more retailers adopting the integration of “endless aisle” kiosks into their brick and mortar locations, customers are given access to a larger assortment of products and solutions without retailers having to expand their physical presence. With endless aisle, retailers are not only able to drive incremental in-store revenue, they are also able to pull inventory from multiple locations and show off larger items they are not able to stock, which is especially helpful in maximizing real estate for small-footprint stores in urban areas or for retailers selling large items. Watch the whole segment, ‘Online In Store’, below:

Brian Rhatigan, CTS, DSCE

Brian Rhatigan, CTS, DSCE

Director, Business Development

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