Meeting Room

BrightLink® Pro Interactive Display

Meeting rooms are becoming more of a collaborative environment. Brightlink Pro simplifies the way people work and collaborate together. This easy to install, easy to use solution enhances the needs of today’s teams and office space productivity. From simple digital whiteboarding, to remote collaboration, to content sharing via your own devices – Epson strives to help your meetings be as productive as possible.

The Award-Winning BrightLink Pro

BrightLink Pro Interactive Display

The Most Innovative Collaboration Tool on the Market

You no longer need a flat panel, projector, and whiteboard to conduct interactive, live meetings – all you need is a BrightLink Pro. Keep your existing whiteboard or use on any wall, and BrightLink Pro easily becomes your:

Digital Whiteboard that works without a Computer

Giant Tablet that Interacts with your PC

Fully Capable Video Conferencing Display


Watch Shawn demo how you can use BrightLink Pro as a digital whiteboard, connect to your computer and use it as a giant tablet, or use it as a video conferencing display.

Watch Video: BrightLink Pro Product Demo

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Brian Rhatigan, CTS, DSCE

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