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All-in-One Instant VideoWall

All-in-One Instant VideoWall by Barco Social media, surveillance systems, smart sensors, mobile devices,… In today’s organizations, technological advances produce enormous riches of information. The challenge, however, is turning data from all kinds of sources into comprehensible information. Rooted firmly in Barco’s expertise in visualization and collaboration technology, the Instant VideoWall offers a fit-for-purpose, all-in-one solution for all your data visualization needs. Great products, easy configuration, attractive price Barco has the building blocks and the network-centric technology to add an innovative bundled LCD video wall solution to its portfolio: the Instant Video Wall. This all-in-one package drastically simplifies the configuration process and allows to save time and money....

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Present to Win in These 5 Steps

HOW TO MAKE YOUR PRESENTATION SUCCESSFUL A well delivered presentation can lead to personal and business successes, whether presenting creative ideas, business updates or delivering a pitch to win new business. But getting it right can be dependent on a number of factors. We surveyed office workers in the UK, US, France and Germany who work in public sector organisations to find out the key elements to what makes a good and not so good presentation. In response we’ve compiled a roundup of 5 top tips for successful presenting. 59% of the people we surveyed said a successful presentation...

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How To Transform Your Digital Workplace

CASE STUDY Technology should be a help – not an obstacle. See how Barco makes it easy for everyone. The goal: to create a collaborative work environment in a modern and efficient workspace, one that increases productivity and encourages a new culture for its employees. A well-designed office space stimulates employee productivity, promotes efficiency and working comfort, and ultimately plays a role in fueling company growth. Not only can it serve as a strategic tool to convey creativity and innovation to the industry, but also enhance the spirit of the company, building employee morale and workplace satisfaction. So when...

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5 Steps For Engaging Meeting Space

5 Steps To One Perfect Meeting STEP 1 A-List 67% of workers say fewer than half the meetings they attend are worth their time. Make sure you only invite people to your meeting who need to be there and who will offer useful input Kick Start Get your meeting going! Valuable time can be wasted trying to get technology to work and multiple devices to connect to the meeting room system. Up to 95% of meetings start over 10 minutes late, which means they start with bored and negative attitudes. STEP 2 STEP 3 Be Prepared Don’t keep the purpose of...

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