Volume 1 | Edition 4
Featuring video walls

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Author: BrightSign

How to Create Effortless Video Walls

EFFORTLESS VIDEOWALLS Gone are the days of writing tedious sync commands to assemble your video wall content for your Brightsign powered Video Wall. BrightWall is a powerful drag-and-drop BrightAuthor tool that makes building video walls simple in any size and layout. Stretch a single video across all displays or offer unique content on each display. Build video walls by simply choosing the number of displays, specifying the layout of the displays, and dragging the video(s) into BrightAuthor. You’ll achieve frame-accurate synchronization via a common clock across a connected LAN – all done for you via BrightWall. BrightWall Supported Media...

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Improve Digital Signage with Beacon

ENABLING HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE ENGAGEMENT WITH BI-DIRECTIONAL COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRIGHTSIGN DIGITAL SIGNAGE AND MOBILE DEVICE BrightBeacon improves the overall digital signage experience by increasing audience engagement and creating a highly targeted, personal experience on two screens. Using Bluetooth and beacon technologies, 2-way communication between BrightSign digital signage and mobile devices is achieved and allows for the delivery of highly targeted promotions based on location as well as the ability to control digital signage playback from a mobile device. “With an expected $40 billion increase in beacon-related sales in 2016, businesses are lining up to take advantage of this new...

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The Real Strength of a Purple Box

The Real Strength of a Purple Box Discover the digital signage solution with more capabilities, more controls, more  possibilities and all without a PC. BrightSign’s new product portfolio delivers the industry’s most competitive, complete line-up of digital signage players, from BrightSign 4K offering the very best in features and technology, down to a new low-cost commercial- grade signage player that’s a far superior alternative to consumer devices.   PC-Class Performance And Reliability – without the PC hassles    Our dependable solid-state platform delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability.  Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s slim OS delivers exceptional...

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