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Author: DaLite Screens

The Truth About Screen Sizing

The Truth About Sizing Flat panels are shiny and new, but they don’t get the job done in a room larger than 15 feet. As resolution increases, pixels get smaller. That means the text and font sizes used in spreadsheets and presentations also get smaller and harder to see, which could cause unflattering, funny faces as business professionals do their best to see the details. For conference rooms, that’s a big problem that limits functionality. Regardless of what formula you use, a room larger than 15 feet needs a something larger than a 90” diagonal. How to Calculate Diagonal For...

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When to Select a Whiteboard or Projection Screen

THE INTERACTIVE CLASSROOM: WHEN TO SELECT A WHITEBOARD, PROJECTION SCREEN, OR BOTH IN ONE The need to clearly present online content in the classroom is driving educators to find practical solutions that cost-effectively handle both new digital and traditional whiteboard implementations. Introduction The whiteboard as an education tool has morphed into many forms with the addition of new types of video and interactive content in the classroom. This creates a significant challenge for technology decision makers in education. How can a whiteboard double as a video display surface without losing the best attributes of each use? Is it possible...

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