Volume 1 | Edition 4
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Author: Editorial Staff

Go Deeper Into Video Wall Opportunities

Elevate Your Business to Profitable New Heights Digital signage can serve a purpose other than simply delivering marketing messages. There are a number of ways integrators can boost revenue while increasing value for clients. In this infographic series, learn how you can elevate your business to profitable new heights with video wall opportunities. HOW WILL THE VIDEO WALL BE USED? Part 1 of 4 reveals the first questions integrators should ask to ensure clients receive exactly what they are looking for in order to achieve successful deployment. Explore Part 1 DATA INTEGRATION POINTS Part 2 of 4 details the...

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The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Signage

The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Signage Outdoor signage involving LED lit LCD displays is also a growing market although I don’t see the same pace of growth as with indoor signage. That’s not to say  that integrators should not pay attention to it as these projects in most cases carry a higher price tag due to some of the additional complexities of installation as well as different requirements for hardware. As more manufacturers come to market with outdoor rated displays products prices will likely fall, but will allow these projects to be taken on by a larger audience of...

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Where is the world is Digital Signage?

Where is the world is Digital Signage? It’s no secret that Samsung defined what the pro AV and consumer world both recognize as “Smart TV” definition as we know it. The SMART platform now carries through in the consumer, professional and even hospitality product lineups, and in the year ahead we’ll see this platform expand even further. In a hospitality environment, we’ll start to see TVs start to become the user interface that controls everything about the in-room guest experience from temperature and lighting controls, wake-up calls, restaurant and SPA/service reservations, room service ordering, guest check-out, and so much...

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Services that Grow Your Business

Almo Services will take your business to profitable new heights Go beyond product fulfillment by leveraging services that act as an extension of your current business model. Scale your operations and enhance your current offerings without the costs and overhead of additional staffing and resource management. CONTENT WE SPEAK DIGITAL SIGNAGE. Almo’s CONTENT Services brings you and your clients an award-winning team of high caliber designers who understand the requirements of design for digital signage. We work you & your branding and style guidelines to create eye-catching, effective and functional designs. From simple digital menu boards to complex live-action video production or anything in between,...

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Open Your Eyes… It’s Everywhere…

Open Your Eyes… It’s Everywhere… The demand for good digital signage content is only going to grow as move into the future.   Integrators are looking for ways to expand their service offerings and this a natural extension to the hardware that they are already selling.   Since content needs to be current and fresh, customers will be looking for content that can easily be updated by non-technical users without having to learn how to use complicated digital signage systems.   I see an increase in interactivity with users mobile devices as well to make the content even more engaging.   I...

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