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Author: LG

Which Technology Engineers Excellence?

ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE – THE RIGHT VIDEO WALL CHOICE, MADE EASY Two recent, important technology advances need to be considered before you buy your next video wall: the revolution in smaller bezel size, and In Plane Switching (IPS) imaging The LCD-based video wall– that is a multiple-screen wall made up of multiple LCD digital displays– has emerged as the clear choice for digital signage, public display, and any corporate or educational setting where a large size, bright, small depth, high resolution display area is needed. Recent advances in video wall technology now make available affordable video-wall solutions where in previous...

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Technology Spotlight: LCD Displays Explained

LCD Displays Explained LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displays offer bright, high resolution images. When they were introduced, they forever changed the look, feel, and placement options previously afforded by their CRT predecessors. Their advanced technology, thin design, and lightweight made LCD displays perfect solutions for businesses looking to get their messages seen and remembered. LCD displays require a light source to illuminate the pixels. First generation LCD displays used CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) to handle this task. CCFL backlights did a fine job of illuminating the display, but exhibited a few drawbacks. Their physical size limited the minimum...

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LG Interactive Experiences

Add Interactive Experiences to the Digital Screen LG’s Overlay Touch KT-T Series is an attachable touch screen that easily changes standard signage products into touch products.  With Overlay Touch, your screen will turn into an interactive display which enables a smooth writing and drawing experience with its ten-point multi-touch function.  This interactivity brings a new experience into corporations, retail establishments, education and more. Key features include the 27mm slim bezel, at only 23.5mm deep, providing multi-touch functionality onto an existing display to maintain a sleek and clean look with up to ten simultaneous touches. LG’s proprietary touch technology enables...

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3 Steps to Simplify Your Digital Signage

3 Steps to Simplify Your Digital Signage Do you need an effective digital signage solution that will not break your bank? LG developed from the ground up a complete signage solution to fit your needs. From menu boards to video walls to touch displays, our hardware and software will help you create an innovative way to reach your customers and increase revenue. Simplifying Digital Signage with SuperSign Simplify promotion content or sales information management with the LG SE3KB Series that satisfies a wide range of display purposes in your business. This series has a practical design with a slimmer...

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