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Author: Samsung

The Power of Color Technology

Samsung Color Expert Technology for Video Wall Displays Enhance video wall visibility with advanced factory calibration and an exceptional user calibration tool. Samsung Color Expert Technology for video walls improves the viewing experience by adjusting all panel specifications to similar conditions. With the displays’ advanced color and brightness uniformity set from the factory, users don’t need to run through an additional calibration process for consistency throughout the video wall. If a user wants a more fine adjustment of color, the user can accomplish it with the Color Expert user calibration software provided with Samsung SMART Signage Video Wall displays....

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New Tactics for Customer Engagement

The Interactive Storefront Provides New Tactics for Customer Engagement NEXT-GENERATION CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT The next-generation of customer engagement takes this even further by introducing true interactivity that provides retailers the ability to connect with shoppers as they cross the store threshold. It’s been called “digital signage 3.0,” “next-generation engagement” or even “the digital revolution.” Call it whatever you want, as long as the purpose remains clear: Retailers must embrace interactive digital signage tools to connect with shoppers in ways that will influence their purchase decision and increase their brand loyalty. “One of the biggest challenges retailers has been getting traffic...

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Unleash the Potential of Every Presentation

All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard Solution for corporate and educational organizations Every day all over the globe, advances in digital technology are empowering learning institutions and businesses to deliver high-impact presentations that leave a lasting impression. And Samsung is leading the way. With an all-in-one Interactive Whiteboard Solution that gives organizations the power to enhance understanding, foster collaboration and drive productivity through dynamic, engaging presentations. It’s a brave, new immersive world of presentation possibilities. Let Samsung take you there. Easily unleash the potential of every presentation Mobile device interaction  Presenters and participants can interact and exchange content between the interactive whiteboard...

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Should I Use a Consumer TV in a Conference Room?

CAN IT FIT? Consumer TVs in Conference Rooms Historically, whenever a flat panel was being specified for a commercial audiovisual application, the automatic assumption was to use a commercial grade display product. However, as we stand today, the line between commercial and consumer is blurring, and it may not be so clear cut… consumer TVs, if specified properly and used correctly, can prove to be suitable and appropriate for commercial applications. Z OPERATION Samsung TVs are engineered for longer hours of operation; 6–8 hours per day, 7 days a week. More than your typical meeting room display will be in...

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Be SMART & Accelerate Your Business

Be SMART & Accelerate Your Business Let’s work together to create a powerful customer experience. We’ll help you present impactful signage solutions that modernize touch points and open new doors for engagement. Outdoor Digital Signage Are you looking to promote your business around the clock in outdoor or high ambient light environments? Samsung’s outdoor digital signage allows you to maximize customer engagement through high quality, high brightness displays that are certified to withstand the elements—and customizable, integrated solutions that allow you to remotely manage and distribute content updates. SMART Signage TV Is your small business interested in easily creating...

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