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Author: Almo Services

The End is Where We Begin with CONTENT

The END is Where We BEGIN So often in our industry, when we set out on a video wall installation, we dive right into the technology and hardware portion of the job. We are product geeks after all, and the lure of resolution, bezel width, mounting, cabling and content delivery are hard to ignore. This leaves content playing second-fiddle. Challenge yourself to flip that script and begin with the content. What type of content is appropriate for the application? What experience is desired for the audience? Ultimately, how will the content provide this experience? Once you have the answers...

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Take Control of Your Meeting Spaces

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MEETING SPACE Almo CONTROL Services is here to help In conference rooms nationwide, seconds spent on technical glitches can quickly morph into minutes or, worse, take up half of a meeting. The last thing anyone wants is to sit around while you try and get your laptop hooked up to a projector or listen to 10 minutes of “can you hear me now?” from someone joining a conference call. Being equipped with the right systems and tools to make everything run smoothly can make all the difference. % of meeting time is wasted A 2012...

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