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Author: Sharp

Bring Video Walls to the Next Level

Sharp UCCT Brings Video Walls to the Next Level When Sharp introduced the PN-V551, its first 55″ Class (54.6″ diagonal) LED Ultra-Slim Bezel professional monitor earlier this year, it made waves in the Pro AV industry for having Sharp Uniform Color Calibration Technology (UCCT). How has UCCT revolutionized video wall images? The experts at Sharp explain: What exactly is MURA? What causes it and why is there a need for MURA correction? MURA is an industry term that is derived from the Japanese language, and translates to uneven or non-uniform. It describes a condition that occurs within LCD panels...

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Improve Communications with the Right Display

CASE STUDY: EPA Audio Visual Sharp Professional Displays Improve Communications at Minneapolis-based Fortune 100 Company When a Fortune 100 company underwent major renovations to maximize space at its headquarters, it needed professional displays with the right size variation, inputs, brightness and feature set.  Sharp offered the best solution for the project. Challenges • Space at headquarters needed to be maximized as much of it wasn’t used properly • Projectors needed to be replaced with professional displays that had the right features • TVs were used around campus and had to be replaced with professional displays Solutions • More than 100 Sharp PN-R603 professional displays...

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Case Study: Visual Learning with Interactive Displays

CASE STUDY: Education Industry Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf Improves Visual Learning with Sharp AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Displays With a number of specific educational needs for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.  Blossom Montessori needed to update its technologies with more visual and interactive capabilities.  Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems have improved the overall learning culture at the school. Challenges • Outdated classroom technologies • Limited interactive learning capabilities • Lack of large, visual displays for the deaf students • Limited Internet connectivity Solutions • Six (6) 70” Class (69.5” diagonal) PN-L703B AQUOS BOARD Interactive display systems • One...

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Fun with Flags… & AQUOS BOARDS!

For those of you who are fans of the TV show The Big Bang Theory, you know that its star Dr. Sheldon Cooper has a video blog named “Fun with Flags”, or the preferred scientific term, the study of vexillology. Season after season we have surrendered ourselves to the fun of all things flags with Sheldon and his host of guest stars. Well move over Sheldon because he’s not the only one having fun with flags – the Sharp AQUOS BOARD is hot on his heels! The folks at Sharp are showing us the fun side to the AQUOS...

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How We Redefine & Lead in Size

How We Redefine & Lead in Size We don’t just think big – we redefine it. Our professional displays are recognized throughout the industry. True life-size imagery produces bold, powerful advertising making Sharp the best choice for large public spaces where nothing less than maximum impact will do. See the Big Picture A fashion industry icon was opening a New York  flagship store and launching a new line of clothing for women. Only a massive video wall of Sharp professional displays inside the store could captivate shoppers on a busy Manhattan street. Read more Enhance the Customer Experience While...

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