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The goal: to create a collaborative work environment in a modern and efficient workspace, one that increases productivity and encourages a new culture for its employees.

A well-designed office space stimulates employee productivity, promotes efficiency and working comfort, and ultimately plays a role in fueling company growth. Not only can it serve as a strategic tool to convey creativity and innovation to the industry, but also enhance the spirit of the company, building employee morale and workplace satisfaction.

So when designing its own new company headquarters, BrandStar – producer of an award-winning home improvement show Designing Spaces® – turned to Barco for the most innovative, high-performance business collaboration solutions.

In a new commercial design reality show, “Office Spaces,”™ Barco plays a starring role in in which the transformation of an outdated warehouse into a modern high-tech office space features a wide array of Barco’s corporate AV solutions designed to boost collaboration and working efficiency. In the pilot episode, ClickShare is featured in the executive boardroom. Future episodes will portray Barco’s high-resolution business projectors, LCD video walls, and the X2O content management and communications platform, which all combine to offer a powerful, connected solution that harnesses the collective genius of an organization to fuel better decision making.

Picture-perfect presentations

We’ve said it before: seeing is believing. And display and projection technology play a critical role in how information is conveyed. It helps you get your message across and simplifies information sharing. Your message is important – and you want it to reach your audience in the right way. Our large portfolio of display and projection technology – from lamp and laser projectors to LED and LCD video walls – improve how you share your information, for increased meeting productivity.

Striking image quality
Successful presentations depend on many factors but it all starts with showing your content in the best possible way. Our business projectors and LED and LCD video walls share the same benefit: the excellent image quality they display. They provide stable, razor-sharp, and crystal-clear images that don’t tire the eyes. Our products enable you to share highly detailed information that’s clearly visible to all meeting attendees. Their crisp colors and unmatched contrast levels will do justice to your presentations. And their image quality lasts too!

So simple
The user experience is critical and Barco products need to be both easy to install and easy to use. They feature intuitive remote controls and menus so users know how they work, in the blink of an eye. The Barco laser phosphor projectors for instance are not only compact and lightweight, they can be rotated 360° and support portrait mode for flexible installation. And thanks to the freestanding structures, you can easily integrate LCD video walls into your workplace as well, without the need for any wall support.

Discard distractions
In meetings, people want to focus on the presentation and not on the technology. Thanks to Barco you won’t be distracted by your projector nor will you waste time waiting for your display to start up. Did you know that noise in working environments can reduce productivity by more than 30%? That’s why we designed our projectors to be really quiet. Now you can focus on what really matters: the agenda.



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