All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard Solution for corporate and educational organizations

Every day all over the globe, advances in digital technology are empowering learning institutions and businesses to deliver high-impact presentations that leave a lasting impression. And Samsung is leading the way. With an all-in-one Interactive Whiteboard Solution that gives organizations the power to enhance understanding, foster collaboration and drive productivity through dynamic, engaging presentations. It’s a brave, new immersive world of presentation possibilities. Let Samsung take you there.

Easily unleash the potential of every presentation

Mobile device interaction 

Presenters and participants can interact and exchange content between the interactive whiteboard and audience members’ personal devices

Stay in complete control

User-friendly menus and file management tools ensure you remain in full control of your presentation

Easy, intuitive and familiar

Navigating, presenting and sharing content is as simple as a few strokes of a pen or a few swipes of your hand.

Dedicated PC not required

The flexible, portable PC-less solution minimizes set-up time and allows for impromptu meetings without any additional equipment

Draw & save on multiple sources

The ability to draw and save on a range of sources gives you more options for using a wider spectrum of content in your presentation.

From boardrooms to classrooms, captivate every audience

Tap into the immersive potential of corporate and educational environments with the interactive power of Samsung’s MagicIWB Solution

Bring business presentations to life with MagicIWB S2

Open new lines of communication between teachers & students

Advanced tools to turn meetings into enthralling experiences

Drive your organization’s productivity while delivering improved levels of communication and collaboration with MagicIWB S2 and the optional MagicIWB I2

· Email sharing

· Draw and save on any source

· Easy floating menu

Discover new levels of audience participation with MagicIWB I2

· Home menu

· Handwriting recognition

· Quick memo

· Mobile device interaction

· File manager

Innovative functionality that helps you command the room

Ensure high levels of audience engagement and immersion with a wide range of features designed for optimum usability

Share content with the Hand Touch overlay

The same touch interfaces you know and depend on for daily use, such as the one on your smartphone, are embedded into the Hand Touch overlay of our Interactive Whiteboard Solution. As users employ familiar, easy-to-use hand gestures to present and share ideas and information, you’ll discover that the learning curve is quicker than ever.

Present your best ideas with the power of the pen

For those accustomed to having a pen in hand while presenting at a whiteboard, our Hybrid Touch Interactive Whiteboard Solution lets you precisely write detailed content with the special Electro Magnetic Pen, and then conveniently erase with your hand to correct any mistakes.

Patricia Murkowski, DSCE

Patricia Murkowski, DSCE

Business Development Manager

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