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Outdoor signage involving LED lit LCD displays is also a growing market although I don’t see the same pace of growth as with indoor signage. That’s not to say  that integrators should not pay attention to it as these projects in most cases carry a higher price tag due to some of the additional complexities of installation as well as different requirements for hardware.

As more manufacturers come to market with outdoor rated displays products prices will likely fall, but will allow these projects to be taken on by a larger audience of customers where price had been a barrier to entry.


When it comes to direct view LED, which most people think of as billboards, signs are becoming more and more common either replacing existing static signs or replacing older low resolution monochrome LED displays.   New modular designs of these panels have dramatically reduced lead times for product, simplified the shipping process and made installation easier for dealers that don’t have prior experience with this type of product.   This is another area that traditional commercial AV integrators need to look at as many might have previously walked from this type of opportunity or portion of a project in the past.

Brian Rhatigan, CTS, DSCE

Brian Rhatigan, CTS, DSCE

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Outdoor Signage – LED, LED, LED.  Costs are decreasing rapidly and technology with install flexibility are increasing rapidly.  High Brightness LCD panels designed for store windows being viewed from the outside are becoming popular.  Finally, special panels built for extreme outdoor conditions, like Peerless-AV’s Extreme Panels, can now be placed in the most non-hospitable conditions.  Example is information panels mounted at outdoor train platforms in Chicago’s “EL” subway system.

I see outdoor signage taking more prevalence – not just standard DS wall mounted installs but more artistic approaches to convey the message.  LG worked with a designer for the Incheon Airport curved OLED signage .
 With LG’s new OLED flexible and curved displays there will be an expansion into unused places where they can be used for digital signage applications.  Previous requirements for flat space (wall or ceiling) to install and mount signage displays are no longer the only options.  Flexible displays can now be located on rounded columns, architecturally unique surfaces, and even for mobile applications (bus/train/airplane/taxi/etc.).

-John Wills

-Eric Olson

Samsung has significantly expanded its outdoor signage lineup and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as outdoor applications provide a substantial opportunity for pro AV resellers and the market is primed!  From the most simplistic outdoor display to a unit that gets integrated as part of an overall design concept or structure, to completely free-standing fully enclosed kiosks or organic LED video walls, let Almo help design a digital signage solution that’s up to the challenge, complete with content creation, installation and even bandwidth services as an extension of your resources, on-time and on-budget.




As an example of an outdoor project we recently designed with one of our partners, using outdoor signage, projection and audio for a multi-purpose courtyard space that can accommodate anything from your morning coffee-goers and lunch crowd, casual business meetings and private parties with the functionality to accommodate live events like introducing new bands and hosting community events, working closely with the reseller, architect, building management and IT teams, we developed a plan to create a highly interactive, engaging common space that would serve this mixed-use commercial/residential courtyard in a futuristic way.

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The goals of the client were to create a lively, fun, and hip place for patrons and residents to hang-out and make part of the new metropolitan lifestyle they would sell as part of their strategy for selling condos, office space, retail space and restaurant leases.  Visitors can enjoy free Wi-Fi, relax and have lunch or a casual business meeting and collaborate using Samsung’s new e-board solution, touch screens for wayfinding to locate nearby attractions, play angry birds or other games on an 85” 4K unit and after hours, they’ll have the opportunity to hang out with friends and listen to music, see some great movie classics on a giant outdoor projection screen and more… The point is, if you’re thinking of hum drum single screen installations, yes there are plenty of those, but why not expand your horizons to work with your clients to create outdoor environments that engage, captivate and excite?