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The award-winning Symmetry Series provides a simple mounting solution that decreases installation time by more than 40% and delivers precise alignment features to ensure perfect display bezel alignment. Designed for installation efficiency, the Symmetry Series offers bundled solutions for easy wall, ceiling, and stand mounted video walls and is perfect for single or multi-site deployments. Symmetry delivers the most repeatable installation process and contributes to the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Symmetry Series consists of two main components: an interface bar (horizontal fitment) and a set of 2 display brackets (vertical fitment). Different display brackets are available, such as the Fine Tune Display brackets that offer 6-point (x,y,z) adjustments for precise display bezel alignment; and the Tilt Brackets that offer 10° of continual downward tilt. The L-brackets used to anchor the interface bar to the wall can be moved anywhere along the bar to match the stud location in the wall, allowing it to be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to install traditional individual display mounting solutions.

This one system can be configured to fit a wide variety of digital signage needs, including video walls, digital menuboards and transportation. Premier Mounts’ Symmetry Series was the winner of two Best of Show awards at InfoComm 2015, including one for AV Network’s Digital Signage Awards. And one for the Sound & Video Contractor awards.

Digital Signage "Best of Show Winner" InfoComm 2015

A Couple of Our Favorites

The FPS-200 Flat Panel LCD Mount &

The Press Release™ Pop Out Ultra-Slim Mount


FPS-200 Flat Panel LCD Mount

The FPS-200 includes one P5080F Low-Profile Mount for Flat Panels, and mounts over the top of a whiteboard. Once mounted, the FPS-200 can be easily adjusted to the desired vertical position and provide a great tool for interactive presentations or classroom learning environments.

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Press & Release Pop Out Ultra-Slim Mount

The FPS-200 Flat Panel LCD Mount with Motorized Lifting and Lowering System provides a simple stationary or mobile wall mounted unit that utilizes a motorized lifting and lowering system to help gently guide the display to the desired height.