6 Reasons to Branch into the Great (LED) Outdoors

We’ve pioneered the world’s lightest, thinnest and most energy-efficient outdoor digital LED displays whose premium quality and affordability are matched by no other. Elegantly stylized and remarkably durable, our modular displays are designed to attract and to engage, to open eyes and raise brows, and to inspire everything from sales to the imagination. We never stray from the path of innovation and have a knack for disrupting industry standards with each new product.

Sky High Returns, Ground Level Costs

Boost Return On Investment with lower upfront purchase and freight costs & faster delivery

Rapid and Smooth Installation

Advanced modular configuration simplifies and accelerates the installation of new or replacement signage.

Shockingly Low Energy Use

Cut power consumption by up to 65% compared to your traditional system with the breakthrough high-efficiency design of SKYPANEL™.

Swift Retrofits with New Modules

SKYPANEL’s™ dynamic architecture allows users to easily add new modules to current systems, and rapidly upgrade outdated signage.

Flexible Financing Options

Readily available financing programs accommodate ADTI Media’s partners and their customers.

American-Made Quality, Superior Reliability

Display crystal clear, high-brightness messaging with premium, fully sealed and weatherized LEDs for 100,000+ hours.

How Do
We Do It?

Here’s Our Process to Creating a Thin, Modular, Form-Factor Design.

Dynamic display, the modular design of SKYPANEL™ and SKYNET™ series signage simplifies and streamlines the installation and retrofitting processes. These displays weigh 40% less than traditional systems, allowing them to be easily moved and placed on almost any surface, while dramatically reducing energy consumption. And, thanks to clean and accessible architecture, adding and programming new modules is quick and uncomplicated.

Why Upgrade To Dynamic Digital Displays?

  1. Increase Sign Performance/Sales and Conversion Rates
  2. Eliminate High Maintenance Costs & Repairs
  3. Replace Older, Low-Performing Sign Technology
  4. Get the Latest Advancements In Energy Efficiency
Billboard Owners

Increase Sales & Message Effectiveness
-Increase revenue generation by 7X

Grow Profits
-Accelerated short-term return on investment
-Streamlined installation for more immediate revenue generation
-40-50% lower energy requirements for significant 24×7 usage savings

Reduce High Maintenance Costs & Repairs
-Low-profile, lightweight design reduces need for structural upgrades

Highlight Local Bulletins
-Community alerts – Breaking news, weather updates, AMBER Alerts, etc.

Small Businesses

Increase Sales & Message Effectiveness
-Increase revenue generation by 7X

Small Businesses (Retail Stores, Restaurants, Services)
-Special offers; competition differentiation; brand awareness; low advertising CPM

-Upcoming holidays/events; school spirit; fund raising

-Service times; inspirational messages; special events

Entertainment Venues

Enhance Image
-Upgrade facility image to reflect high-impact, multimedia-rich entertainment acts
-Leverage cutting-edge agency marketing content

Increase Sales & Message Effectiveness
-Increase number of upcoming events that can be advertised
-Countdown to ticket sales for premier bookings

Grow Profits
-Advertise group sales and promotions
-Increase revenue from 3rd party advertising sponsors

Shopping Malls

Increase Sales & Message Effectiveness
-Seasonal/Holiday Promotions (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.)
-Elevated recognition for facility and tenants
-Grow Profits

Increase Sales & Message Effectiveness
-Increase number of upcoming events that can be advertised
-Countdown to ticket sales for premier bookings

Additional Revenue From Prime Advertisers Leverage “Buying Local”
-Announce community events and your community involvement

Car Dealerships

Increase Sales & Message Effectiveness
-Announce new and used car inventory arrivals, sales and promotions
-Showcase your Full-service offering – Sales, Service, Financing, Rental
-Offer “Specials-of-the-Day” for hot and over-stocked models

Grow Profits
-Feature your higher profit margin service and dealer warranty programs

Lower Advertising Costs (CPM)
-We cost less than traditional media

Stand Out From Your Competition
-Advertise Your Competitive Edge – meet-or-beat pricing, free pickup/drop off, etc.

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