Two Ways to Go Big & Bold

Commercial Grade

  • LED backlighting delivers both environmental and economic benefits
  • Temperature sensors and fans protect the panel from damage
  • High definition, and contrast ratio deliver superior visual quality
  • Internal 10W speakers and built-in handles enable a simplified installation


  •  Comprehensive input panel connects to latest peripherals
  • Full bi-directional RS-232 control and ethernet control allow individual and group addressable control, including email diagnostics
  • Compatibility with NEC control software PD Comms Tool and NaViSet Administrator 2
  • Custom input detect feature to prioritize active inputs
  • Expanded terminal interface including 2 HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA options


  • Flexible connectivity with built-in OPS expansion slot for maximum versatility
  • Extensive control and diagnostic communication provide the highest level of remote management
  • IR and Button Lock options for protecting against unnecessary setting changes

Transform your Video Walls with Crystal Clear Imagery

24/7 runtimes and picture perfect image quality make these displays ideal video wall solutions for retail signage, control room application, broadcast environments and rental markets.  Brand new S-IPS panel technology provides exceptional viewing angles and top of the line color depth to enhance image quality for all types of installations. On top of that, direct LED backlighting not only reduces power consumption and improves edge-to- edge brightness uniformity but also allows for localized dimming capabilities that will control the backlighting and ultimately improve contrast ratio  based on the current content shown on the display. Mere millimeters separate content from display to display which ensures a smooth transition across a video wall. This display is ideal for digital signage, boardrooms, entrance lobbies and broadcast applications, and can be deployed in video wall applications up to 10 x 10 in size utilizing integrated TileMatrix(TM) technology*. TileMatrix technology within these displays can also now support up to UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution through the internal daisy chain functionality and still show imagery across the entire video wall.

The 55” NEC X555UNS utilizes S-IPS panel technology to provide a superior signage solution for building video walls. With excellent off-angle viewing and far less color shift than traditional video wall panels, this display is ideal for broadcast, retail and command and control applications. On top of that, these displays are designed for the rigors of 24/7 operation with advanced heat management capabilities in which internal temperature sensors automatically activate fan-based cooling if excess heat builds up within the unit. Other advanced technologies of this model include direct LED backlighting with localized dimming for improved brightness uniformity and higher dynamic contrast ratio. These displays are also capable of daisy-chaining UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution so that the entire video wall can be 4x that of FHD regardless of the size of the wall. With these features, a 3.5mm bezel gap between neighboring displays and commercial brightness of 700 nits, this display clearly showcases NEC’s vast experience in the video wall market.

Ushering in a New Era of Visual Experience with UHD

The MultiSync X651UHD, MultiSync® X841UHD and MultiSync® X981UHD displays set new standards in image size and quality by providing a 65 inch, 84 inch and 98 inch canvas with Ultra High De nition (UHD) guaranteed to capture undivided attention of viewers. Loaded with innovative features and high end components, this model delivers a complete package for all kinds of demanding professional applications.  This display is ideal for any heavy duty application from control rooms to CAD/ CAM, from rental and staging to professional conferencing, from creative multimedia design to life size digital signage.

  • NEC is ushering in a new era of visual experience with the 65″ X651UHD. The display sets new standards in image size and quality with an 65″ canvas with UHD (3840 x2160) resolution. State of the art innovation delivers 24/7 runtimes with high end components and LED backlighting. Ideal for any industrial application, from control rooms to conferencing to life size digital signage.
  • Stunning imagery delived by an LED edge lit backlit UHD S-IPS panel
  • Enhanced image performance with advanced settings of all relevant visual parameters for full control of brightness, color, gamma and uniformity via Spectraview Engine
  • Reliable color reproduction with 10-bit color and amazing viewing angles
  • Future-proofed with OPS expansion slot
  • 24/7 operation with reliable, industrial grade component for mission-critical operations

Projector for Digital Signage?

As the digital signage space becomes more sophisticated, new projector technology enables more sophisticated possibilities.

  • Variable brightness for longer life
  • Wider color space
  • Higher contrast
  • Higher resolution
  • Larger pictures
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less maintenance
  • Environmental friendly materials

Regardless if it is a display or a projector, the market expects more…

What is SSL?

NEC is in the unique position of offering a new portfolio of SSL projectors. Solid State Light Sources (SSL) are light producing systems made up of either LED devices or Laser Diodes. Light produced with SSL systems inherently have a longer and steadier brightness that decreases at a much slower pace over time than lamp based systems. This technology offers the highest image quality while its operating life span far exceeds traditional lighting methods.

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