No one wants to use Digital Signage?

Who wants digital signage?

Let’s clarify. Having digital signage and using digital signage are completely different things. Organizations are starting to realize some of the benefits of this media. In manufacturing, greater efficiency and production can be obtained by displaying updated information such as KPIs and production metrics on the factory floor. DigitalĀ reader boards, door cards and wayfinding provide the hospitality industry with time saving ways to assist their guests. And the list goes on. As a result, organizations want digital signage. They want the usability and the WOW factor from having well-crafted content on display. But when implementing their digital signage rollout, the question arises as to who will actually use or run the system. Who is going to make it “go”? And that is where the complications begin.

Complications to using digital signage

The IT department seems like the logical starting point. Installing media players and software, plus connecting those to the network should be right in their wheelhouse. And it is. But most IT departments already have a huge weight on their shoulders. Maintaining complicated computer systems and peripherals, configuring networks and in general keeping the place connected internally and to the outside world consumes their day. Often, digital signage is added to their plate by someone else in the organization, with little to no consultation with theĀ IT Department. Now the IT department has to try to integrate this disruptive technology into their delicately balanced network, not to mention maintaining it. This leaves a bad taste in their mouth before they even get started.

What about the person or team who wanted the digital signage in the first place? This could be upper management, Human Resources or Corporate Communications. After purchase, they are faced with the realization of having to learn new software and creating a constant flow of content on top of their already existing workload. Some have found that once they do get comfortable with managing the digital signage system, other departments start requesting screen space. This leads to them having to take on even more responsibilities and increased workload again.


So how can an organization receive the benefits of digital signage AND achieve ease of use? One solution would be to create a digital signage department. Most likely that is not going to happen. A better idea is to have digital signage that can be updated and maintained via tools with which the end-user is already familiar. Imagine being able to pull data from a database and have content automatically generate accordingly. Or importing an already created PowerPoint presentation. Or dropping image files into a folder or updating a text document monitored by your digital signage system. Features like these would offer the ability to USE digital signage without having to use digital signage! A Win-Win for everyone.

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