A major financial services and trading corporation from Singapore recently decided to expand and update its system of news and data feeds. The upgraded system would need to consolidate control of all company video walls into a single, centralized system with distributed security, access, and reconfiguration controls. The key aim of this project was providing convenient, intuitive control of data and station feeds among all floor traders, while also integrating company marketing and signage channels into a centralized monitoring and control system available only to the chief trading officer.


ATEN’s solution met this challenge with its VanCryst series of cascading switches, signal splitters, and signal extenders. Based around a core of two VM1600 Modular Matrix Switches, each loaded with 2 4-port HDMI and HDBaseT modules, the ATEN solution allows complete on-the-fly linking of every available source-to-display path over a highly reliable, simply deployed, cost-effective total-solution topography. In addition to displaying lossless, real-time market data and news sources over dedicated, permanent feeds, the ATEN solution additionally allows the export of information from any traders’ station to any other feed in the firm.


The VM1600 Modular Matrix Switch

VM1600 Modular Matrix Switches provide modular integration of HDMI and HDBaseT signals with on-the-fly signal translation and scaling. The two core VM1600 switches link the main floor’s 4 x 4 video wall installation (measuring around 3m x 1.7m) with the smaller 2 x 2 display located in the private office of the chief trader, and further integrate into this core system all of the remaining smaller displays in the boardroom, lounge, and training center.


Extending Control, Maximizing Convenience

The VM1600 switches are supplemented by two primary VanCryst sub-systems: the first is a collection of dedicated ATEN extenders and HDMI/HDBaseT signal splitters / extenders (VE8xxx and VS182A models), and the second primary subsystem is the VK2100 Controller. Control over each source-to-display path is coordinated using a single VK2100 controller with bespoke firmware customized by ATEN.

How It All Came Together

This Solution Architecture Diagram shows you how this complex solution was implemented

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