Samsung Color Expert Technology for Video Wall Displays

Enhance video wall visibility with advanced factory calibration and an exceptional user calibration tool.

Samsung Color Expert Technology for video walls improves the viewing experience by adjusting all panel specifications to similar conditions. With the displays’ advanced color and brightness uniformity set from the factory, users don’t need to run through an additional calibration process for consistency throughout the video wall. If a user wants a more fine adjustment of color, the user can accomplish it with the Color Expert user calibration software provided with Samsung SMART Signage Video Wall displays.

Samsung Color Expert Technology

Factory Calibration
Samsung’s multistep factory tuning helps ensure uniform brightness and color across video wall displays.

ACM Chipset
Advanced Color Calibration through the dedicated Calibration chipset.

Color Expert S/W
Powerful user calibration software for users who want advanced settings and uniformity with their video wall displays.

Samsung Color Expert Technology provides optimal calibration through an advanced combination of software and hardware

Calibration of video wall displays is the most important step of video wall deployment. By calibrating video wall displays, customers can get uniform color, vivid pictures and accurate images on multiple displays in large scale.

Conventional without factory calibration
· Color difference with near display
· Spot color difference
· Tunnel shape difference

Samsung SMART Signage Video Wall
· Uniform color and brightness within a single display and across multiple displays

Factory Calibration

Local Uniformity
· Remove Spot or Tunnel color difference
· Commit more than 90% local uniformity

White Balance
· Enhances color difference between neighboring displays
· Less than 300K difference

Gamma & Grayscale
· Natural and accurate image from gamma curve close to ideal

ACM Color Chipset

The best performing 16bit Color Chipset
Powerful 16bit processing
· Deep color of 12 bit LUT (Look Up Table)
· Enabler of factory and user calibration

Color Expert Software


The most advanced user calibration software for video wall displays
· Fast and high performance
· Top level accuracy option

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