Sharp UCCT Brings Video Walls to the Next Level

When Sharp introduced the PN-V551, its first 55″ Class (54.6″ diagonal) LED Ultra-Slim Bezel professional monitor earlier this year, it made waves in the Pro AV industry for having Sharp Uniform Color Calibration Technology (UCCT). How has UCCT revolutionized video wall images? The experts at Sharp explain:

What exactly is MURA? What causes it and why is there a need for MURA correction?

MURA is an industry term that is derived from the Japanese language, and translates to uneven or non-uniform. It describes a condition that occurs within LCD panels when there is a shift in color or brightness from the center of the screen towards the edge. This can be especially noticeable when multiple panels are linked together to create a video wall. UCCT corrects for these inconsistencies at the pixel level for edge-to-edge uniformity across the entire video wall.

Sharp PN-V551

Was the PN-V551 display the first Sharp product to incorporate UCCT software or was it included in previous models?

Sharp UCCT is more than a type of software, rather a calibration methodology to ensure screen-to-screen uniformity. It is the industry’s first and only factory calibration process that delivers out-of-the box pixel-to-pixel color uniformity between multiple video wall monitors – encompassing chromatic intensity, luminance, and hue. The PN-V551 display is the first Sharp model to incorporate this technology.

Does UCCT have any additional benefits over post-factory calibrations?

UCCT greatly simplifies and speeds up the entire calibration process. When the UCCT function is activated, the calibration of the monitors is automatically set to a factory pre-calibrated configuration. This enables the installer to work smarter and faster on each and every installation.

What are some scenarios where UCCT would benefit the most in a video wall?

UCCT is valuable for any video wall installation where pixel-to-pixel uniformity is critical. Digital signage applications particularly benefit because adjusting color tones and hues via traditional manual calibration methods can be quite challenging. UCCT automates the process and yields superior results.

When you activate UCCT, about how long does it take to notice a difference?

The effect of using UCCT is instantaneous. As soon as the function is activated, brightness, color levels and hue are instantly adjusted for the optimum values. Only Sharp offers this out-of-the box calibration technology, and it is changing the way video walls are installed and maintained.

Darren Altman, DSCE

Darren Altman, DSCE

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