The Story of ConnexSys

This is the story of a mount that addresses the biggest video wall problems installers face. This is also the story of our customers, who help inspire our design with valuable feedback at every step of development. Connecting these stories is the ConnexSys™ Video Wall Mounting System – Chief’s latest solution designed to save time and solve installation problems. Here’s how we did it.

The ConnexSys story started several years ago. Installers were having trouble with large video wall installations. Since no wall is perfectly straight, small imperfections get multiplied over space, and most mounts simply don’t adjust enough to compensate. A new solution was needed.

The first step was to collect information from installers. Read More »

“We spent an immense amount of time on customer empathy. It’s not that we didn’t do it in the past, but we did so much of it this time around it felt like what we did in the past was almost nothing”

Greg Rupp
Engineering Supervisor

You Helped Chief Create a Better Video Wall Mounting System



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